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Digg'n Physics via Twitter, Dino Skinny, Bird Brain Insights, Fish Freakouts!, Tunguska Shuttle Hugs, Building Better Melons, Minion Mailbag, and The Question of the Month!
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The World Is Smarter Than You, Plant Awareness, Compete For Brains, Bacterial Brilliance, Lazy Eye Games, Supercomputing Sunspots, Brain Tools, Toxic Birds, Where is My Schizophrenia?
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Bisphenol Everywhere, Toxo Crashes Cars, Beware of Robo-Ferret, RoboGames Redux, Adventures in Popularity, Move Over Silicon!, Go Fly A Kite, TWIS Bits, and Interview w/ Dr. Greg Gibson re: Genes and Illness.
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A Dirty Galactic Secret, Hippocratic Hypocrisy, Your Laughing Ape, People Underwater, Batty Buddy Beacons, and Interview w/ Douglas Richards, author of the Prometheus Project books.
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Waving At Memories, Justin Had Some Marijuana, Glowing Monkeys Batman!, Rhinos In The Dark, Intergalactic Planet Hunters Score, Falsifying Research, This Week In The Future, Neanderthal - Human Battle Royale, and more!
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