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Lemur Fingers, The Fastest Dinosaur, The Ant Farm, Farming Algae, Sperm News, This Week in World, Robot Domination, BigDog Revisited, The Weird From Washington, Women Want, and Space Tid-Bits.
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Island Cretins, New Blood, Aussie Bashing Banned, Rugged Face of Mars, Squirrel Stress, World Robot Domination, Bird News, Fungus Sex, Great Symbiosis Batman, Cleanin' up Nuclear, and a Planetary Breath.
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Technology Saves TWIS, Death Ahead!, More Hobbit Controversy, Whiskey Cleaners, Swimming in the Sea, Media and Racism, Hybrid Hubbub, Where You At Krill?, Nuke Cleanup, Got Plutonium?, Stoney Bacteria, RNA-na-nana-na-na-nanaaa, Aging Views, TWiWRD.
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Literal Eye-Tooth, Genetic Jimmy-Hat, TWIStributors!, TWIWorld Robot Domination, Darwin Was Wrong?!?, Human Descent, Octopus?, The Truth About Boys And Girls, and Interview w/ Absinthe Expert, Ted Breaux.Thanks to FutureGen for the transcript.(continued)Justin: Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer! The following hour of programming does not necessarily represent the views or opinions at the University of California, Davis KDVS [...]
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