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Justin Allen Poe and The Science Raven, Three-Eyed Frogs, Rat Brains, Neandertal Style, Dino Footprints, Plastic Bodies, Don't Think About Not Thinking About It, & Interview w/ Ian Ayres, Author of Super Crunchers
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Kirsten's at a Conference, Justin's Worried About Bacteria, Robots Really Are Revolting, And Watson Has An Issue, Along With The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins.
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Supplementing Arsenic, Chocolate is in the blood, Sex and TWiWorld Robot Domination, Little Giants, New Old Big, Lap Dance Luck, Vitamin Bleb, Gas Eating Bacteria, Did You Hear?, Healthy CO, A Worm's Life, Flava-flavonoids, Bad A** Plant,  Sorry No Interview, But We Have New T-Shirts and CDs Available (Go to for details).
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Appendi-bug-house, See the Station!, Relativity Easy, Danger From Space, Plastic Steel, This Week in The End of The World (Justin gets ranty), The Wierd From Washington, TWIStributor Trio, Magnetovision, and Spicy Pain Relief.
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So, what would it feel like at the center of the earth, and how long would it take to get there in free-fall? We weigh in on a hypothetical question that has many people stumped, and our listeners speak the mathematical truths. Also, an interview with mathematician and actress, Danica McKellar. We are so mathy [...]
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