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It's the 2009 This Week in Science Best 11 Science Ideas Countdown! Happy New Year!!!
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Dark Matter Detected in a Dark Mine? Is Santa Bad, Or is it The Media? Getting Santa Drunk, Ghosts of Mountains Past, Cellphones Lack Science, And Much More...
Category:Black Holes -- posted at: 11:51am PDT

Stem Cells Beat Sickle Cell, Breathing Space Gas, Eight-legged Coconut?, TWIS Does Global Warming, One - Two - Six?, Stem Cell Grudge Match, Bacteria To Burn, Evolvem Giveaway, and Much, Much More... Really, we just went on and on...
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Hopen and Copen, Pain In My... Blood Vessel?, Don't Blame The Cows, Twinkle Twinkle, Metal Clouds, Baggin' On The Boys, Implant Apps, Minion Mailbag, and Much More..
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Complexity Abounds, Oxygen Deprived Mole Rats, TWi The End of The World!, Lagging Brain Time, That Hearing Feeling, Once Again... Man Woman Differences, TWIS In Space, Minion Mailbag, and Much More...
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Origin Anniversary, Radio Brains, Rampaging Robot Vampires Need Lawyers Too, Life Mutations and Electricity, RNA Warmth, Biophotonic Communication, Life as a Carrot, Kiki Rants, TWi the End of the World, And Much, Much More!
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Making Memory Room, Oh Rats!, Hackers Hacking Pacemakers, New Breast Implants, A Tale of Two Drugs, iCough, Building Bigger Muscles, Push-Button Electric, Golden Ears, Right-Handed Chimps, Minion Mailbag, and More!!!
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Shocking Anti-Matter Finding, New Supernovaes, Faulkland Fox Family, A Phone Call, Altruistic Ants, Icy Antarctic Ecosystem, Life In The Lab, Prenatal Phonics, Synthetic Solutions, Feeding The Children, and Much More!
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 1:14pm PDT

Observing Life, Dumpin' Punkins, Smell of Doom, Driving Bad, the Teapot Effect, Ancient Blasts, Demoting Dinosaurs, Fishy Movements, The Minion Mailbag, and Much More!
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 11:24am PDT

Brains!, Sight For the Blind, Whiskers On Robots, Death To Mosquitos!, Musical Brains, Regenerating Nerves, What's Up With The Bees?, The Best Dino Ever, and Interview w/ Dr. Bill Schutt re: Sanguivores.
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 12:59pm PDT

Ribbon Tied Bubble of A Thing, New Planetary Neighbors, Epigenes in Da House, Extraterrestrial Rain, Bacterial Tube Life, an Interview w/ Dr. Mark Changizi, author of The Vision Revolution, and Much More!!!
Category:Black Holes -- posted at: 4:41pm PDT

Brainy Jugglers, Are You Smarter?, Thieving Veggie Spiders, This Week in The End of The World, Making Fish Happy, Tasty Receptor, Chinese Dyslexia, Retroviral Correlations, Breast Cancer DNA Cracked, Smaller Batteries and Bigger Calculations, Tick-Tock Bio Clock, And More...
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It's Nobel Time Again, and IgNobel Time, Give TWIS A Prize, DARPA Wants You, Slow-Motion Brains, Chemical Racing, The BOSS, Quantum Waffles, Mushroom Lighting, Scientist Says, Little Old Lady Findings, Revisiting the Sun and the Moon, and the Minion Mailbag
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Moon Water, Bat Eating Birds, The Ratchet of Evolution, Detecting Darkness, Creative Craziness, Carl Sagan Sings, Plastic Sand, and Vaginal Self-esteem
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Andy and Angela bring science stories in attempt to keep Justin plugged in while Dr. Kiki is away...
Category:astrophysics -- posted at: 6:09pm PDT

While Kiki's away, the minions will play... This week Justin was joined by Naomi Most and Pamela Sue Taylor for an hour packed with recent science stories from around the world...
Category:agriculture -- posted at: 9:09pm PDT

Mutation and Evolution, Brain Cities, Neural Footwork, The Non-Shrinking Brain, Living With Lactose, Minion Mailbag, Obesity Immunity, and More Monopole Madness... and remember to Live in Happiness...
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 11:20am PDT

The Might Be Giants and Science!, Baby Monkey Mitochondria, Space Invaders And Closetalkers, Sunspots And the Sea, Touch But Don't Touch, Mouse Versus Moth, and Interview w/ Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson re: Science and Stuff
Category:Black Holes -- posted at: 3:37pm PDT

Building Bacteria, Justin's Mystery Science, Green Worm Bombs, Rant-O-Matic 5000, Time Runs Past It, and an Interview w/ Dr. Richard Muller re: Physics for Future Presidents and More...
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Making Mice MS-Free, Tracking Cocaine, Going Retrograde, Pollination Decimation, Spasers, and an Interview w/ Dr. David Albert on Philosophy Of Science
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 1:03pm PDT

Brainy Jumping Genes, Unavoidable Aphid Fate, Quantum Reliability, Paying Off Misery, Hyperactive Baby Galaxies, We Came From The Trees, Rooks Squirrels and Crows Oh My, Mountains Make Animals, And Much More!
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 11:31am PDT

Jellyfish Wave Machine, Where Am I, How Many Aliens, Colonizing Space, World Robot Domination, Biting Science, Water Everywhere, and Minions on the Phone
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 3:48pm PDT

Making Mice, Robo-coli, Diamond Days, Galaxy Peas, Placebo Genes, Heroin Chips, and Listener Mailbag
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 11:29am PDT

Short Legs In A Single Step, A Bloody Mess, Screaming Moths, This Week in The End Of The World, Ancient Dungballs Tell Tales, A Catastrophic Reduction, and Interview w/ Physicist Jon Singleton About Traveling Faster Than Light.
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 12:08pm PDT

Skinny Monkey, Bacterial Bloat, Flower Power, When Good Words Go Bad, World Robot Domination, Bad Words Done Good, and Interview w/ Chris Mooney, author of Unscientific America.
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 12:04pm PDT

Special Evolutionary Episode! The Debate Rages Between Justin and Kirsten (Or, Was It Lamarck and Darwin?), Refereed By Dr. Tim Coulson and His Shrinking Sheep
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Digg'n Physics via Twitter, Dino Skinny, Bird Brain Insights, Fish Freakouts!, Tunguska Shuttle Hugs, Building Better Melons, Minion Mailbag, and The Question of the Month!
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The World Is Smarter Than You, Plant Awareness, Compete For Brains, Bacterial Brilliance, Lazy Eye Games, Supercomputing Sunspots, Brain Tools, Toxic Birds, Where is My Schizophrenia?
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Bisphenol Everywhere, Toxo Crashes Cars, Beware of Robo-Ferret, RoboGames Redux, Adventures in Popularity, Move Over Silicon!, Go Fly A Kite, TWIS Bits, and Interview w/ Dr. Greg Gibson re: Genes and Illness.
Category:FDA -- posted at: 4:30pm PDT

A Dirty Galactic Secret, Hippocratic Hypocrisy, Your Laughing Ape, People Underwater, Batty Buddy Beacons, and Interview w/ Douglas Richards, author of the Prometheus Project books.
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 7:41pm PDT

Waving At Memories, Justin Had Some Marijuana, Glowing Monkeys Batman!, Rhinos In The Dark, Intergalactic Planet Hunters Score, Falsifying Research, This Week In The Future, Neanderthal - Human Battle Royale, and more!
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 6:10pm PDT

Tiny Fossil Circus, Bird On Birds, Life With Asteroids, Sex In Your Head, Sleepy Heads, and Interview w/ Sherry Seethaler on Lies, Damned Lies... And Science.
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TWIS_2009_01_13 Transmission Dismission, Chemical Replication, Defrosting Beef, Little Girl is Back!, My How the Fruit Flies, Mossie Love Songs, This Week in Science History, and Headline Round-up.
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TWIS_2009_01_06 Tiny Eyes, Roving Mars, Feeling Secure, Vitamin Hopes, Alcoholic Assays, and an Interview w/ Scott Sigler re: Contagious.
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