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Disclaiming the Meaning of it All, CERN Scheduling, Restoring All Vision, Blind Recall, Interview w/ Ian Flitcroft re: Journey By Starlight, Interview w/ Laura McNeil of Seed Magazine re: Science Literacy, Nano Nono, Robo Zoo, Synthesizing Revolution, Genetic Fixings, TWIS Bytes
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Justification For Justin, Musical Brains, Black Hole Quandry, Real Virtual, Re-Growing Hairing, Genetic Infiltration, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, Sweet Plastic, Poll-nation, TWIS-Bytes
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Announcements!, Break-up Boobies, Justin's Science Factoids, Humanizing Monkeys, Space Station Shenanigans, Physics Gets Heavy, Fossilized Suffering, & Interview W/ Dr. Bjorn Brembs re: Free Will and Fruit Flies
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Penile Pessimism, Just Like Daddy, Electric Blue Lobster Boogaloo, B-B-B-Bird Brains, Giganto-Bird-o-Saurus, Race To The Chromosome, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Mike Stebbins, TWiWorld Robot Domination, Martian Oceans
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Fruit-Fly Fountain, Cellular Reprogramming, Robot Heal Thy Self!, Tesla Smiles, Japan Versus Nature, Flowery News, Mushy Mushroom, Mammoth Death, and Interview w/ Dr. Andrew Feinberg re: Epigenetics.
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Ancient Murder, Solving Modern Puzzles, Deleting Age, Cyclone Climate Control, Flax Magic, Natal Vaccination, The Weird in Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, This Week in World Robot Domination, TWIStributor, and The Nitty Gritty
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Funding Matters, Know Knuckle-Dragging, Baby Rules, Mmm... Smoking's Bad M'Kay, Mouse Livin', & Interview w/ Birdsong Expert Dr. Don Kroodsma
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