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Moon Water, Bat Eating Birds, The Ratchet of Evolution, Detecting Darkness, Creative Craziness, Carl Sagan Sings, Plastic Sand, and Vaginal Self-esteem
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Andy and Angela bring science stories in attempt to keep Justin plugged in while Dr. Kiki is away...
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While Kiki's away, the minions will play... This week Justin was joined by Naomi Most and Pamela Sue Taylor for an hour packed with recent science stories from around the world...
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Mutation and Evolution, Brain Cities, Neural Footwork, The Non-Shrinking Brain, Living With Lactose, Minion Mailbag, Obesity Immunity, and More Monopole Madness... and remember to Live in Happiness...
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The Might Be Giants and Science!, Baby Monkey Mitochondria, Space Invaders And Closetalkers, Sunspots And the Sea, Touch But Don't Touch, Mouse Versus Moth, and Interview w/ Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson re: Science and Stuff
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