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Neander-sovans, We're Melting, Water On Moon, CRISPR Edits, Lazy Efficiency, Pointy Eggs, Life Is Older, Out There Ideas, Marijuana Worms, Bacterial Blood, Nerve Agent Nanobots, Steve Sky Glow, And Much More...
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Leaky Gut Fights, Magnetic Fish, Mummy Knows Best, WiFi Safety, Sneaky Cuckoos, Wing Sniffers, Bipedal Bones, Bad Hot Work, Man's War, The Drunchies, And Much More...
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Interview on Crows w/ Kaeli Swift, Star Light Explosion, Safety In Numbers, Koala Junk, Blinded By Blues, Viking Walrus Ivory, Prozac Nature, Bee Youthful, Little Dog Complex, Exercise And Cocaine, 44 New Planets, And Much More...
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Stress Monkeys, Smashing Atoms, Science Says, Pyramid Power?, Biome Battlefield, Great Self-Control, Father's Influence, Bioengineered Lungs, Bones About It, Opioid Increases, Drugged Cicada Butts, And Much More...
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Water On Mars, Overcoming CRISPR, Bacteria Can Talk, Uncontroversial Conservation, Bigger Climate Spiders, Brainy Discovery, Finding A Fungus, Better Beer, Candida Confusion, Manga-Bey Behavior, Adaptive Anoles, And Much More...
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New Moons, New Volcano, Carbon Tax, Old Bread, Electric Spider Balloons, Animals That Wait, Lantern Lights, Gut And Autism, Secular Economics, Diamond Earth, Koala Tongues, Microbe Chips, Grabby Robot, Not An Alien, And Much More… Take our audience survey!!! Want to listen to a particular story from the show? You can do that here. Just […]
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Driving Genes, Fixing CRISPR, Ancient Chinese Secret, Dark Matter Hunt, Longer Native Story, Dogs Of America, Snorting Horses, Better Brains, Oxygen Teeter Totter, African Origins, Asteroidal Planetoids, HIV Vaccine, And Much More...
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Polio Against Cancer, Stellarator Update, Clean Signals, Rat Ticklers, Parasite Molecules, Organic Enceladus, Bloodhound Robot, Wolfie Genes, Prosthetic Foot, Beaver Bot, Hayabusa 2!, And Much More...
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Scientific Mistakes, Breathy Biodiversity, Sky Diamonds, Volcanic Warming, Pandoraviruses, Illegitimate Chicks, Vets And Dogs, Sketching God, AI Senses, Fatherhood Is Good, And Much More...
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Interview about Pluto w/ Dr. Jason Cook, Ghost Particles, Charged Dark Matter, Carbon Dating Nuances, Inconsistent Expansion, Dark Eyed Guppies, Weta Legs, The AMAZING Sea Cucumber!, TWITEOTW, And Much More...
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Ups And Downs, 3D Eyes, Cosmochemical Start, Adaptable Zombie Ants, Too Many Women?, Feathered Friends, No Regrets, Pass Along Stress, Olive Older, Robot Muscles, Killing the Electric Car, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Dr. Carin Bondar, Outlier US, NASA's InSight, Cloudless Skies, ExoLife, Swedish Wood, Earthquakes & Elephants, Fishy Smart Skin, Polygamous Owls, Bad Tourist, Fast Benefits, And Much More...
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Native American History, Thirsty Skeeters, Jeepers Creepers!, Camo Works!, Meet The Dino-Bird, DNA Methods, Quiet Bats, Hawking Ideas, WORLD'S OLDEST SPIDER, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Sarita Menon, Uranus Stinks, Galaxies Old And New, Black holes Everywhere, Sweaty Trees, Male Moths Matter, Fruit Fly Rewards, Latrine Fly Bubbles, Telomerase Structure, Strong Kids, Warm Cells, And Much More...
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Fixing Alzheimer's, Finger Bone Finding, Birds Of A Feather, Wall Downfall?, Smart Lemurs, Of Bathrooms And Bacteria, Scrubbing Memzymes, Carbon XPrize, Bloodless Monitoring, Viral Rich History, Immunity Migrations, SlaveMakers, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Dr. Ayanna Howard, Cloud Life, Down The Drain, Dead People Problems, Anti-bacterial Enzyme, Turtle Table Manners, Hot Tub Monkeys, Fiery Death, Bird Vision, The Smoking Diet, And Much More...
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No Dark Matter, Too Much Water, Humans In Canada!, People Everywhere, Mama Bears, Shark Poop Factories, Buried Controversy, Worms For Weightloss, Superbug Battle, Brain Mapping Revolution, Not Really New Organ, Fish Lunch Lag, And Much More...
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It's Alive!!!, Dry Life, Wet Life, Neanderthal Art, Flopper Ants, Dog Poo Eating, Ancient Smokers, Body Language, Seeing Thru Dust, Ciao Alcoholism!, Big Nose Monkeys, And Much More…
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Naked Mole Rat Longevity, Genetic Jitters, Eureka!, Horse Toes, Rooster Roadies, Rolling The Dice, Muscle Memory, Cancer vaccine!, Genetic Nurture, Genome Sequencing, Plastics R Bad, Voynich AI Crack, And Much More...
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Syrup Futures, Dead Saiga, Does Climate Depress You?, But, Space Lasers..., Creative Brains, Blair's Bear Poop, Stabby Slammy Time, Chameleon Glow, Viral Memory, Something Shocking, And Much More...
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NASA's Dark Matters, NASA Picks New Winners, Photosynthesis History, Life Is Old, A Savage Justice, Birds Conserving Mass, Poo Policy, Memory And Survival, Sperm for Women!, Not So Rainy Pain, Teach For Sharks!, Orwellian Science, And Much More...
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Interview w/ K. Arcand & M. Watzke On Magnitude, North South Links, Sea Turtle Lost Years, Missing Link!, Bronze Age Space Bling, Hereditary Mental Illness, Tongue Clusters, Uterus Ethics?, And Much More!!!
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Zombie Matter, China's DAMPE, 6 Letter Alphabet, Yeti Buzzkill, Dumb Lizards, Mars Worms, Buff Ladies, Heart Patch, Fuzzy Dino Bird, Origami Muscles, Rats Of NY, Bacterial Rush, Coffee Climate, And Much More...
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Interstellar Visitor, Kill Switches & A Driving Debate, Poo & You!, Dolphin Gifts, Sinister Loving Snails, Another Genome?, Gut Brain Effects, Prion Skinny, Turkey Trouble, Science Take Down!, And Much More...
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Transgenes For Skin, Renewed Explosions, Murdering of Cells, Clumsy Male Mammoths, Speedy Salmon Sperm, Human Height, Rejuvenation Of Cells, Artificially Sweet Septic, Helpful Bonobos, An Awful Death, Who's Baaaaaaaaaad?, Rod-Cones!, And Much More…
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Cooperating Chimps, Aging Is Inescapable, Peptide Life, Oceanic Kleptos, Vibrating Oysters, Speed Of Gravity, AI For Suicide, Aliens Like Us, Space Brain!, Attosecond X-ray, T-Rex Arms, Salty Saliva, And Much More...
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Antimatter Matters, CRISPR Pigs!, Medieval Lepracy Squirrels, Shrunken Heads!, Once Upon A Spider Sex, Radioactive Zombie Plastic, Mass Biodiversity Boom?, Bacteria Evolve, Robotic Bees, Daydreaming..., Chury Pebbles, Gun Show Spillover, Spider Venom VR, Stem Cells For Vampires, And Much More...
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The 17%, LIGO VIRGO GO!, Bird Beak Beginnings, Sleepy Jellies, Multitasking Pigeons, Growing Up Neanderthal, A Memory Molecule, Secrete Life Of Finger Tips, World Robot Domination, More Old Life, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Emily Lakdawalla on Cassini Mission, Viking Warrior Wonderings, Voynich Not Much, To Sit Or Not?, Water Moon, Sleep-Deprived Sex Flies, Octo Origins, Squirrel Chunking, Stem Cell Conversion, Long Range Low power, And Much More...
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CRISPR Debate, Zika For Cancer, Long Lived Evolution, Ancient Crete Feet, Ancient Americans, Keeping It Clean, Bird Nose Necessity, Vampires Are Real?, Finding Holes, Cultural Wife Swapping, And Much More...
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Ancient Math, Human Variation, Mass Extinctions Suck, Probable Meteoroids, Whale Teeth Tales, Four Flippers Flipping, Bones For Brains, Microbial Messages, Moth Dating Games, Drink More Coffee, Promising Biomedicine, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Jaya Iyer, Embryonic Editing, Hypnosis In The Brain, Echo Chambers Online, Ocean Body Snatchers, Itsy Bitsy Personality, Cheater Cleaners, Neuron Cooperation, And Much More...
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Dead Football Brains, Measles Making Return?, Neanderthal Brain, Ant Life, Stop Smearing Snails, Nature's DJ, Speak Of Yourself, An Aging Target, On Geoengineering, Drinking For Memory, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Jessica Hebert, Shadow Occult, Space Sounds, Movie Cells, Pushing It Back, Frak., Thin Watery Line, No Bird Crossing, Squirrels Never Forget, World Robot Domination, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Richard Prum, Synestia Is Biconcave!, Sperm In Space!!!, Huaca Prieta Find, Cockatools, Happy Friendly Snakes, Flamingo Legs, Whale Of A Tale, Fake Inch Worms, Volkswagen Code, Scary Viruses, And Much More...
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Our Earth Bubble, Historical Nuke News, Zeno's Quantum Phone, Genetic Origins, All The Dad Feels, Crazy Lady Flies, Be Random!, Microbial Regulation, Trees On The Move, Common Ideas, Big Old Bite, Salty Plastics, Stress Animals, Bees Love Detroit, And Much More...
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Fewer Insect Bodies, Size Matters, Weed For Aging?, New Naledi Find, "I'd rather die", Cuttlefish Love, Dirty Kitchens, Flies, Flies, Flies, Beavers And Oysters, World Robot Domination, Ghostbusters Dino, And Much, Much More...
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Science March Recap, Lamb Bags, Super Supernova Discovery!, Hobbit Origins, Hungry Hungry Caterpillars, Drunk Invertebrates, Buggy Bidding, No Air No Problem, Feet Hitting Pavement, Nutritional Issues, Phages Vs. Bacteria, Whispering Whales, And Much More…
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More Melting, Whence Came The Virus?, Early Dino Discovery, Elephant Smarts, Bee-ing Smart, Bacterial Protection?, Sperm Vs. Cancer!, Electromagnetic Shock, Young Poo For Old Fish, Editable Octopus, And Much More!!!
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50 Years A Model, Healthcare Science, CRISPR Update, Bad Stem Cell, Penguin Parenting, Lazy Ant Ethics, Food Say What?, Debunking The Old, Invasive American Icon, Airport Brain Scans?, Itchy Scratchy, Mars Potatoes, Spider Love, And Much More...
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