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TWIS_2008_12_30 Science and Celebrities, Predictions for 2009, Mars Alive, Bacteria Support Groups, Bird Songsters, Favoring Orangutans, and TWIS Question of the Month!
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The Top 11 Science Stories of 2008... Merry TWIS-mas!!!
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Science in the White House!, Jellyfish Rule, Brain Reading, This Week in the End of the World, Penile Precautions, and This Week in World Robot Domination Interview with David Calikins.
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Sperm Don't Lie, We Will Remember, Fishy Waterways, Historical Starlight, Super-Tough Mother, Secrets of a Killer, and Much More!
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Genetic Questions, Fungal Frolics, Turtle Soup, Fighting Fat, Driving Me Crazy, TWiWorld Robot Domination, Behavior Issues, and TWiThe End of the World.
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Miracles Discussed, Flies Gone Wild, Mammoth Operations, To the Birds, Sweet Space, Planetary Discovery, Madness, Genetic Explanations, and Learning to Speak.
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Climate Change Denial, Microbes in the Sea, Microbes in your Gut, The Weird From Washington, TV Sadness, Bleach Works, Wide-Hipped Women, Anti-Matter Xplosion, and Rocky CO2
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Cooties, City Ants And Traffic, Bacterial Brilliance, Memory Storage, Half A Bird Brain, Diamonds From tequila, Robot Domination of Sorts, and Dark Matters.
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It's Election Day! Vote For Science!, Tunnel To The Sun, Antimatter in Outer Space, Find of Fungal Nature, Water on Mars, Electricity on Titan, An Ancient iceman, AND the Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins.
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Flax Oil No-No, Martian Methane, MacGyver Rays, Gamma Waves For Kids, Self-Tazering, Everyday Is Halloween, and Interview With Ben Crockett From
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