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It's the 2009 This Week in Science Best 11 Science Ideas Countdown! Happy New Year!!!
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Dark Matter Detected in a Dark Mine? Is Santa Bad, Or is it The Media? Getting Santa Drunk, Ghosts of Mountains Past, Cellphones Lack Science, And Much More...
Category:Black Holes -- posted at: 11:51am PST

Stem Cells Beat Sickle Cell, Breathing Space Gas, Eight-legged Coconut?, TWIS Does Global Warming, One - Two - Six?, Stem Cell Grudge Match, Bacteria To Burn, Evolvem Giveaway, and Much, Much More... Really, we just went on and on...
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 6:02pm PST

Hopen and Copen, Pain In My... Blood Vessel?, Don't Blame The Cows, Twinkle Twinkle, Metal Clouds, Baggin' On The Boys, Implant Apps, Minion Mailbag, and Much More..
Category:KDVS -- posted at: 2:45pm PST

Complexity Abounds, Oxygen Deprived Mole Rats, TWi The End of The World!, Lagging Brain Time, That Hearing Feeling, Once Again... Man Woman Differences, TWIS In Space, Minion Mailbag, and Much More...
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