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Hobbittses, Passing On the Changes, To Mars Alice, Sperm Or Death?, Dino Discoveries, The Weird From Washington, and Interview w/ Dr. James Watson (yes, THE Watson of Watson and Crick... don't look so surprised)
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Men Wash Your Hands!, Men Are The Secret To Longevity! Sick and Lonely Truth, What is Intelligence Anyway, Burning Water?!?, Protein Laundry, Retrovirus Revival?, Interview w/ Dr. Rolf Halden re: Environmental Toxicology.
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What Good Is Conservation?, Non-Native Danger, Bee Buzz, Fishy Mixup, Hearty Sleep, Cancer Scan, Making Mosquitos Less Sweet, The Weird In Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, Trio of TWIStributors, and Shout-Outs!!!
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Sorry 'Bout the Sound Quality, Burning Man Recap, Gene For Tall People, NanoMagnets For Art, Water Everywhere, Mens Like Pretty, God and Psychology, Bivalve Survival, TWIS StudyTips, & Interview w/ Dr. Lawrence Krauss re: String Theory and Dark Stuff
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