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Merry TWISmas one and all!, Mars Attacked, Mars Alive?, Tracking Santa, Baby Newton, Animal Antics, Whale Tale, MUSIC!!!, World Robot Domination - Power, Tonedeaf Brains, Birds Who Sing Together, More Whales, Animal Discoveries, Stem Cells Arise!
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Samurai Mouse, Environmental Willpower, Australia v. Japan, Smokin the Mean Bud?, Now Featuring Magma, Brain Dynamo, Sleepy Storage, The Weird from Washington, and TWiStributor Time
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Justin Gets Sick and Quits, Triclocarban and Testosterone, Belief is in the Brain, Mooning Over Saturn, Rest Up, Genetic Bi-Sexuality, & Interview w/ Chris Impey re: Astrobiology
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Battle of the Brains, Just Like Gorillas, Dakota Duck, Doggie Smarts, Honey Help, Forest Frass, More Foreskin Ranting, Hot Air Injection, Sperm Power, Tree Climbing, Lively Titan?
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Turkey Coma Lies!, Piggybacking on Physics, Pacific Invasion, Chinese Lunarganda, Indigenipeoplification, Perceptual Mismatch, Neural Guide Gene, and Interview w/ NASA scientists Drs. Claire L. Parkinson and  Michael King
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Thanksgiving Thanks, This Week in the End of the World, Climatia All Around, Whatchya Gonna Do Bout it?, Is an Air Sac a Lung?, Reproductive Girls, Surfing the Light Fantastic, The Weird From Washington, Sugar Magnolia, Whale of a Japanese Tale, RoboMoth, and Trapping Rainbows
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Who Talks More?, Who's Being Illogical?, Why's Math Good?, Bring In the Brains, Saving Spinal Cords, Cosmic Inference, Robo-Humans?, and Interview w/ Dr. Don Prothero on Evolution. Buy our World Robot Domination t-shirts at
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TWISclaimer!, Fuel Fight?, Chinese in Space, Sod It, Olympic Doping, Excercise Is Power, Pictures Made Real, This Week in World Robot Domination, The Weird From Washington, TWIStributors, Brainbow, and Little TWIS Bytes
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Justin Allen Poe and The Science Raven, Three-Eyed Frogs, Rat Brains, Neandertal Style, Dino Footprints, Plastic Bodies, Don't Think About Not Thinking About It, & Interview w/ Ian Ayres, Author of Super Crunchers
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Kirsten's at a Conference, Justin's Worried About Bacteria, Robots Really Are Revolting, And Watson Has An Issue, Along With The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins.
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Supplementing Arsenic, Chocolate is in the blood, Sex and TWiWorld Robot Domination, Little Giants, New Old Big, Lap Dance Luck, Vitamin Bleb, Gas Eating Bacteria, Did You Hear?, Healthy CO, A Worm's Life, Flava-flavonoids, Bad A** Plant,  Sorry No Interview, But We Have New T-Shirts and CDs Available (Go to for details).
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Appendi-bug-house, See the Station!, Relativity Easy, Danger From Space, Plastic Steel, This Week in The End of The World (Justin gets ranty), The Wierd From Washington, TWIStributor Trio, Magnetovision, and Spicy Pain Relief.
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So, what would it feel like at the center of the earth, and how long would it take to get there in free-fall? We weigh in on a hypothetical question that has many people stumped, and our listeners speak the mathematical truths. Also, an interview with mathematician and actress, Danica McKellar. We are so mathy [...]
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Hobbittses, Passing On the Changes, To Mars Alice, Sperm Or Death?, Dino Discoveries, The Weird From Washington, and Interview w/ Dr. James Watson (yes, THE Watson of Watson and Crick... don't look so surprised)
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Men Wash Your Hands!, Men Are The Secret To Longevity! Sick and Lonely Truth, What is Intelligence Anyway, Burning Water?!?, Protein Laundry, Retrovirus Revival?, Interview w/ Dr. Rolf Halden re: Environmental Toxicology.
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What Good Is Conservation?, Non-Native Danger, Bee Buzz, Fishy Mixup, Hearty Sleep, Cancer Scan, Making Mosquitos Less Sweet, The Weird In Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, Trio of TWIStributors, and Shout-Outs!!!
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Sorry 'Bout the Sound Quality, Burning Man Recap, Gene For Tall People, NanoMagnets For Art, Water Everywhere, Mens Like Pretty, God and Psychology, Bivalve Survival, TWIS StudyTips, & Interview w/ Dr. Lawrence Krauss re: String Theory and Dark Stuff
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Dark Matters, Super-fast Light, Losing Memory, Tasting Gut, Release the Lake, Plankton 4 Earth, Birdy Brooding, & Interview w/ Dr. Al Harrison, Psychologist and Author of Stardust: Cosmic Visions in Science, Religion, and Folklore.
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Kill Acne Kill, Cryo-Microbes, Kirsten Questions Cylons, Justin Gets Heavy, A Question of Glass, Leakey Africa, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, TWIStributors, Living Bones, The Wine Effect, and More...
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Hwang Just Didn't Notice, Hurts So Good, Feverish Hormones, Dead Zone, Penguin Fun, Smartie-tangs, Baby-talk Blocks, TWIS-bytes, Interview w/ Chris Mooney, author of 'Storm World' DIGG Vote 4 TWIS @
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Physician Mission, Placebo Brain, Caffeinated Joggers, Keta-what?, Ummm... Drugs, Word Power, Hot Snails, Squid Love, Droppin' the Deep, Crude Death, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, TWIStributor, TWin The End Of The World. Vote for us in the Podcast Awards!!!
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Space Shuttle Spring Clean, Placebo Addicts, Ptero-tumble?, Super-flood, Nano-rainbow, Sticky Nature, CircumUSA, Sci-fi Fingerprinting, Icy Charon, w/ Interview w/ Geobiologist, Dr.Hope Jahren
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Justin Talks Girl Talk, Sleeping Sickness, Spacey Fashion, Watery Gas, Supernovas Suck, This Week in World Robot Domination, The Weird From Washington with Dr. Michael Stebbins, TWIStributors Times 3, Stripping by Numbers, Viral Attacks
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Site of Resistance, Sweet Pumpkin Stimulation, Geodesy Nice And Easy, Tasty Nuts For Tits, Discussing Cosmic Rays, TWIS Bytes, Interview w/ Dr. James L. Gould, author of Animal Architects, And Nominate Us for Podcast Awards!
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This Week in Kitty Katz, Video Vulnerabilities, Swappin' genomes, World Robot Domination, Stem Cells, The Weird From Washington, Bouncin' Universe, Froozen Babies, Nanotubular!, Prion Problems, HIV Dreamin'
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Disclaiming the Meaning of it All, CERN Scheduling, Restoring All Vision, Blind Recall, Interview w/ Ian Flitcroft re: Journey By Starlight, Interview w/ Laura McNeil of Seed Magazine re: Science Literacy, Nano Nono, Robo Zoo, Synthesizing Revolution, Genetic Fixings, TWIS Bytes
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Justification For Justin, Musical Brains, Black Hole Quandry, Real Virtual, Re-Growing Hairing, Genetic Infiltration, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, Sweet Plastic, Poll-nation, TWIS-Bytes
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Announcements!, Break-up Boobies, Justin's Science Factoids, Humanizing Monkeys, Space Station Shenanigans, Physics Gets Heavy, Fossilized Suffering, & Interview W/ Dr. Bjorn Brembs re: Free Will and Fruit Flies
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Penile Pessimism, Just Like Daddy, Electric Blue Lobster Boogaloo, B-B-B-Bird Brains, Giganto-Bird-o-Saurus, Race To The Chromosome, The Weird From Washington w/ Dr. Mike Stebbins, TWiWorld Robot Domination, Martian Oceans
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Fruit-Fly Fountain, Cellular Reprogramming, Robot Heal Thy Self!, Tesla Smiles, Japan Versus Nature, Flowery News, Mushy Mushroom, Mammoth Death, and Interview w/ Dr. Andrew Feinberg re: Epigenetics.
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Ancient Murder, Solving Modern Puzzles, Deleting Age, Cyclone Climate Control, Flax Magic, Natal Vaccination, The Weird in Washington w/ Dr. Michael Stebbins, This Week in World Robot Domination, TWIStributor, and The Nitty Gritty
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Funding Matters, Know Knuckle-Dragging, Baby Rules, Mmm... Smoking's Bad M'Kay, Mouse Livin', & Interview w/ Birdsong Expert Dr. Don Kroodsma
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