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Kirsten Goes to AAAS, Dolphin Debates, Math With A Purpose, Power Naps, Wasps And Butterflies, Biological Aging, Exploring Explorit, TWI the Decade of Science: Brain-Computer Interfaces, and Much, Much More...
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In the show this week: Synthesizing Proteins, Tiny Tightrope Walkers, GABA Goes Immune, Fabricating Electric Clothes, Multidemensional Drake Equation, Adventurous Great Tits, The Dino-Bird Question, Robot Patients, The Spiritual Brain, This Week in The End of The World, and Much More!
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Quantum Algae, Determining Vegetative States - Or, Ali Pulls the Plug on Justin, Remember the Prions, Gay Science, Zen Bats and Drunk Bats, Scientists Say: Drink Beer, Daddy Sang Bass, Minion Mailbag, and Much More!
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