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The Top 11 Science Stories of 2017!!!
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NASA's Dark Matters, NASA Picks New Winners, Photosynthesis History, Life Is Old, A Savage Justice, Birds Conserving Mass, Poo Policy, Memory And Survival, Sperm for Women!, Not So Rainy Pain, Teach For Sharks!, Orwellian Science, And Much More...
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Interview with Greg Gage, Juno What?, Space Mystery Solved, Building Blocks, Sandy Metropolis, Microbial Moods, Change For Hummers, Bamboo Poo, Cats Or Dogs, Fusion Future?, Glowing Plants, And Much More...
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Interview w/ K. Arcand & M. Watzke On Magnitude, North South Links, Sea Turtle Lost Years, Missing Link!, Bronze Age Space Bling, Hereditary Mental Illness, Tongue Clusters, Uterus Ethics?, And Much More!!!
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Zombie Matter, China's DAMPE, 6 Letter Alphabet, Yeti Buzzkill, Dumb Lizards, Mars Worms, Buff Ladies, Heart Patch, Fuzzy Dino Bird, Origami Muscles, Rats Of NY, Bacterial Rush, Coffee Climate, And Much More...
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Interstellar Visitor, Kill Switches & A Driving Debate, Poo & You!, Dolphin Gifts, Sinister Loving Snails, Another Genome?, Gut Brain Effects, Prion Skinny, Turkey Trouble, Science Take Down!, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Kelly Weinersmith, Noisy Feathers, Smelly Feathers, Wine Time, Climatia Update, Neolithic Farmer Gatherers, Pulsar Pulse, Zinc Finger Treatment, Sex Attacks, And Much More...
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Transgenes For Skin, Renewed Explosions, Murdering of Cells, Clumsy Male Mammoths, Speedy Salmon Sperm, Human Height, Rejuvenation Of Cells, Artificially Sweet Septic, Helpful Bonobos, An Awful Death, Who's Baaaaaaaaaad?, Rod-Cones!, And Much More…
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Cooperating Chimps, Aging Is Inescapable, Peptide Life, Oceanic Kleptos, Vibrating Oysters, Speed Of Gravity, AI For Suicide, Aliens Like Us, Space Brain!, Attosecond X-ray, T-Rex Arms, Salty Saliva, And Much More...
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Antimatter Matters, CRISPR Pigs!, Medieval Lepracy Squirrels, Shrunken Heads!, Once Upon A Spider Sex, Radioactive Zombie Plastic, Mass Biodiversity Boom?, Bacteria Evolve, Robotic Bees, Daydreaming..., Chury Pebbles, Gun Show Spillover, Spider Venom VR, Stem Cells For Vampires, And Much More...
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Neutron Star Smash!!!, AIs Rule Go, Salty Science, Saltier Science, Smother Mothers, Venom Variation, Eruption And Famine, No Easter In Argentina, Reproductive Bacteria, Breast Cancer Awareness, Octopus Camouflage, Spider Labyrinths, And Much More...
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The 2018 Blair's Animal Corner TWIS Calendar is now available for pre-order!
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What Matter?, Dark Matter, Marsigrades?, Bacteria For Youth, Good Neighbors, Noise Problems, Corn Futures, Memory At Altitude, Turbo Charged Brain, Museum Storage Finds, Schizophrenic Blood Vessels?, Rings Around Haumea, Bees For Coal, And Much More...
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Nobel Intent 2017, Clone Editing!, Jumping Herpes, Old People, Aesop's Raccoons, Tsunami Stowaways, Woven Links, Brain Drain, Hydrogen From Sunlight, Tabby's Star Update, Universal Flu Vaccine Trial, And Much More...
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The 17%, LIGO VIRGO GO!, Bird Beak Beginnings, Sleepy Jellies, Multitasking Pigeons, Growing Up Neanderthal, A Memory Molecule, Secrete Life Of Finger Tips, World Robot Domination, More Old Life, And Much More...
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IgNobels 2017!!!, Bacteria And Cancer, Alzheimer's Progress, TWITEOTW, The Ultimate Sacrifice, All Hail Beelzebufo!, Easter Island People, Black Planet?, Blue Eggs, Why Blue?, No Sleep For Depression, DeColorizing Butterflies, Fake Skin!, Plastic Eating Problem?, VaJayJay Science, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Emily Lakdawalla on Cassini Mission, Viking Warrior Wonderings, Voynich Not Much, To Sit Or Not?, Water Moon, Sleep-Deprived Sex Flies, Octo Origins, Squirrel Chunking, Stem Cell Conversion, Long Range Low power, And Much More...
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CRISPR Debate, Zika For Cancer, Long Lived Evolution, Ancient Crete Feet, Ancient Americans, Keeping It Clean, Bird Nose Necessity, Vampires Are Real?, Finding Holes, Cultural Wife Swapping, And Much More...
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Ancient Math, Human Variation, Mass Extinctions Suck, Probable Meteoroids, Whale Teeth Tales, Four Flippers Flipping, Bones For Brains, Microbial Messages, Moth Dating Games, Drink More Coffee, Promising Biomedicine, And Much More...
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Interview w/ James S.A. Corey, Exxon Misled People, There Is Hope, Hydrothermal Activity on Mars, Raining Diamonds in Neptune, Dry Old Moon, Don't Take Vitamins?, Feeling Female Fish?, Holy Shrinking Mackerel!, Teeth Mussels!, Elite Bacteria, And Much More...
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How We Started, Fish Jaws, Dino-stein Tree, Sulfur Breath, Jellied Teamwork, Eclipse Gone Wild, Immune Switch, Making Magic Mushrooms, E-Cig Quitters, Middle Sweet, Spider hunger, Spider Kevlar!, And Much More...
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The kickass science and technology radio show that delivers an irreverent look at the week in science and technology.
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Interview w/ Jaya Iyer, Embryonic Editing, Hypnosis In The Brain, Echo Chambers Online, Ocean Body Snatchers, Itsy Bitsy Personality, Cheater Cleaners, Neuron Cooperation, And Much More...
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Dead Football Brains, Measles Making Return?, Neanderthal Brain, Ant Life, Stop Smearing Snails, Nature's DJ, Speak Of Yourself, An Aging Target, On Geoengineering, Drinking For Memory, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Jessica Hebert, Shadow Occult, Space Sounds, Movie Cells, Pushing It Back, Frak., Thin Watery Line, No Bird Crossing, Squirrels Never Forget, World Robot Domination, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Dr. Jens Foell, Death On Mars, Red Spot Images, Photon To Earth, Savage Snail Shells, Spider Ant, Quarreling Scientists, Melting, Death, Fix It, And Much More...
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A Case Against Placenta, Another Extinction!, Our Little Runaways, Neanderthals Get Back, Pretty Fairy Wrens, Praying Mantis Discovery, Ancient Potatoes of Utah, Copying Roman Concrete , Menstruation Brain, Killer Pregnancy, Scorpion-milking Robot, Marshmallows Redux, And Much More!!!
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Planet 10?, Planet 9?, Warmer Oceans, Rising More Rapidly, Archaea On You!, Bird Beats, Hot Hungry Rats, Neander-dentistry, Chimp Strength, Sleepers For The Sleeping, Cancelling Chronic Pain, Family Beds, SpaceX Double Hitter, Butts For Birds, And Much More!!!
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Games For Farmers, Ancient Prosthetics, Bad Medicine, Hot In Here, Monkey Wisdom, Old Learned Lady, Fishy Fossil, Carnivore People Problems, Eating Biofuel, Probiotics For Bees, And Much More...
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Multi-Dimensional Brains, Solar Twins, Jupiter Is Old, Iced Out, Promiscuous Salamanders, Meerkat Paste, Human Transition, Wireless Energy, Deep Brain Stimulation, Two-Headed Space Worms, No-Spray Tan, Fungal Creeps, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Adrienne Godschalx re: Plant Defenses, Confirming Einstein, Void Life, We're All Moroccan?, Old Rock... Paintings, CAR-T Therapy Win, Monkey Cat!!!, Climate's All Connected, Magic Of Mucus, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Bill Schutt on Cannibals, Juno Science?, Off Kilter Enceladus, Groundwater On Mars, Massive Fail, Ancient Mummy DNA, Seed Spitting Goats, Pizza Fish, Kissing Macaques, The Methylome, Waste Not Water, Tasting Water, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Richard Prum, Synestia Is Biconcave!, Sperm In Space!!!, Huaca Prieta Find, Cockatools, Happy Friendly Snakes, Flamingo Legs, Whale Of A Tale, Fake Inch Worms, Volkswagen Code, Scary Viruses, And Much More...
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Our Earth Bubble, Historical Nuke News, Zeno's Quantum Phone, Genetic Origins, All The Dad Feels, Crazy Lady Flies, Be Random!, Microbial Regulation, Trees On The Move, Common Ideas, Big Old Bite, Salty Plastics, Stress Animals, Bees Love Detroit, And Much More...
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Fewer Insect Bodies, Size Matters, Weed For Aging?, New Naledi Find, "I'd rather die", Cuttlefish Love, Dirty Kitchens, Flies, Flies, Flies, Beavers And Oysters, World Robot Domination, Ghostbusters Dino, And Much, Much More...
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Science Budget, Cooperative Antibiotic, Cassini Dives, DNA From Dirt, Everybody Poops, Symbiotic Species, New Dino Discovery, Brain Communication, Wine Protection, Two Language Time, And Much More...
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Science March Recap, Lamb Bags, Super Supernova Discovery!, Hobbit Origins, Hungry Hungry Caterpillars, Drunk Invertebrates, Buggy Bidding, No Air No Problem, Feet Hitting Pavement, Nutritional Issues, Phages Vs. Bacteria, Whispering Whales, And Much More…
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Marching For Science, Dark Matter Filaments, Hydrogen Around Us, Snow Pack Predictions, Vanishing Rivers, Battery Bottles, Pigeon Society, Pigeon Sex Differences, Bacterial Cancer Diagnosis, Blood For Brains, Rub Weed On It, Frogs For Noses, Blind Cave Evolution, And Much More...
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More Melting, Whence Came The Virus?, Early Dino Discovery, Elephant Smarts, Bee-ing Smart, Bacterial Protection?, Sperm Vs. Cancer!, Electromagnetic Shock, Young Poo For Old Fish, Editable Octopus, And Much More!!!
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Real Replication Trouble, CRISPR Reveal, CRISPR Surprise, Scientific Strawberries, Fang Blennie Bennies, Fish Need Friends, Chemical Eye Regeneration, Microbial Harpoons!, 10,000 Years Native, Mouse Brains And Babies, Plastic Trash, Cow Burying Badgers, And Much More...
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Body Signals, Citrus Clean, Exporting Ground Water, Weather Whiplash Woes, Spider Personalities, Chimps Don't Care, Survival Of Sex, Raven Cliques, Guppy Love, Plant Microbiome, Cannabis Wine, Arctic Plankton Bloom?, Bullies And Bulimia, Tazzie Tigers Alive???, And Much More...
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Spanish Cannibals, Venom For Stroke, Spiders Got Personality!, Self-Sustaining Cell, Lab Animal Handling, Happy Lab Rats, Contagious Laughter, See Through Silver, Arctic Depletion, Bad For Bees?, Finding Dormant HIV, Blueberry Vigor?, Tardigrade Survival, Martian Ring Toss, And Much More...
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50 Years A Model, Healthcare Science, CRISPR Update, Bad Stem Cell, Penguin Parenting, Lazy Ant Ethics, Food Say What?, Debunking The Old, Invasive American Icon, Airport Brain Scans?, Itchy Scratchy, Mars Potatoes, Spider Love, And Much More...
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Women In Science, What They Ate, Troubling Sinks, Molecular Leaf, Panda's Technicolor Dreamcoat, Elephants Get Fitbit, Eyes Came First, DNA Storage, Time Crystals, Boney Appetite, Spider Nightmare Juice, Sex Talk, Ladies In Space, And Much More...
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Interview re: March Mammal Madness with Dr. Katie Hinde, Reproduction Interruption, Gene Drive Resistance, One Neuron Rules, Oldest Life Evidence, The Anthropocene Epoch, Plastic Bee Nests, Bees Play Ball, Whoopsie Bee!, And Much More...
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