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No New Neurons, Different Signals, Nursemaid Neanderthals, Barn Mouse Domesticity, Team Termite!, A Hermit's Bones, Bt Benefits, Detecting The Undetectable, Flying Fossil, Raven Ravings, Spider Gifts, And Much More...
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Interview w/ Michael Shermer, African Flip Flop, Early Photosynthesis, That Sinking Feeling, Martens & Squirrels, Flying Pesticides, Earhart's Bones, Tattoo Persistence, Killer Animals: Exposed!, And Much More...
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It's Alive!!!, Dry Life, Wet Life, Neanderthal Art, Flopper Ants, Dog Poo Eating, Ancient Smokers, Body Language, Seeing Thru Dust, Ciao Alcoholism!, Big Nose Monkeys, And Much More…
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Interview w/ Dr. Ryan Kobrick, Let's Talk Gender, Focus On Depression, Old DNA New News, Bacterial Bouncers, Snapping Shrimp Racket, Viral Hormones, Wine, And Much More...
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How Many Loves?, Predictions Of Infidelity, Moving Mammoths, Loving The Flow, Femme Fatale Fireflies, Memory Is Sexy, Bunnies Abound, Pup Pituitary, Can't Buy Love, Can Buy Happiness, And Much More...
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Falcon Launch Success, TRAPPIST-1 Planets, Outside The Galaxy, Dead Vikings, Blue Malaria Urine, Barter Rats, Woodpecker Brain Damage, India Antibiotic Trouble, Urine Isn't Sterile, Thermometers For Everyone, Naked Mole Bat, And Much More...
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Naked Mole Rat Longevity, Genetic Jitters, Eureka!, Horse Toes, Rooster Roadies, Rolling The Dice, Muscle Memory, Cancer vaccine!, Genetic Nurture, Genome Sequencing, Plastics R Bad, Voynich AI Crack, And Much More...
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Baby Clone Monkeys, Humanity Is In The Brain, Arctic Archaeology, Shrinking Birds, The Bee Buzz, Supplemental News, Smart Contact Lenses, BPA Won't Go, God Helmet Placebo, Curry FTW!, Space Disco, And Much More...
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Syrup Futures, Dead Saiga, Does Climate Depress You?, But, Space Lasers..., Creative Brains, Blair's Bear Poop, Stabby Slammy Time, Chameleon Glow, Viral Memory, Something Shocking, And Much More...
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Live from the Entomology 2017 conference, insects, insects, insects, and much more!!!
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